2024 MSCPA Annual Convention: Details

Policies and Bylaws


We offer our full set of bylaws in a printable PDF. Download the MSCPA bylaws.

Bylaws Resolution Presented to Allow for Virtual Annual Meeting

MSCPA Bylaws state that the annual business meeting shall take place during and at the same location as the annual convention. At the December 2020 meeting, the MSCPA Board of Governors approved a resolution to amend the Bylaws to allow the annual business meeting to be held virtually when the annual convention cannot be held as planned. The complete resolution can be downloaded below. The resolution will be voted on at the annual meeting at Sandestin on June 26, 2021.

Download the December 4, 2020 bylaws resolution.

Download the October 16, 2018 bylaws resolution.

Download the nominating committee policies.