2024 MSCPA Annual Convention: Details

Who Can Join

Membership Types

MSCPA classifies members according to the following types:

CPA Members

Individuals who have received a CPA certificate from the Mississippi State Board of Public Accountancy or a similar board from any state or territory of the United States may be eligible for membership. Your CPA certificate status may be active, inactive, or lapsed, but not suspended or revoked. See pro-rated dues schedule below.

  • Public Practice: CPA Members engaged in the practice of public accounting as principals, partners, practitioners, or staff.
  • Non-Public: CPA Members not engaged in the practice of public accounting who are in industry (education, government, sales, health, law, etc.)
  • Non-Residents: CPA Members who neither work nor reside in Mississippi.
  • Retired: CPA Members who earn no fee and have reached the age of retirement.

Associate Members

If you’ve never received a CPA certificate or are an inactive CPA who is not employed full-time, you may be eligible for our Associate membership type. Associate members have no voting rights and may not hold elective office.

  • Non-CPA employee of a CPA firm, law firm, in industry or in other segments of business
  • Non-CPA accounting educator
  • Non-CPA who has successfully passed the CPA exam but not yet received a certificate
  • A person working full-time but who has voluntarily surrendered his/her CPA certificate to a State Board of Accountancy with the certificate subject to renewal upon completion of a specified education requirement
  • CPA who is not employed full-time and who is not actively seeking full-time employment

Student Members

College or university students in a program of learning, leading to qualification to sit for the CPA exam. Students will receive the MSCPA Newsletter and other general mailings from the Society office. Student members have no voting rights and may not hold elected office.


Dues Schedule

We have established a pro-rated dues schedule for individuals applying for membership. Applicants also pay a one-time $30 application fee.

The MSCPA dues year is July 1 - June 30. Members are billed for annual dues in July. Your application fee and pro-rated share of dues must be paid with your application form. To determine the dues amount, refer to the period you are applying in and the dues class in the chart below.

Important dates for dues billing cycle.
July: dues notices will be emailed/mailed and will be accepted via online, fax, phone or mail
October 1: dues are delinquent and late fee of $25 added
January 1: members will be terminated for non-payment of dues


  Any CPA employed in Mississippi and holding original CPA certificate 3 years or more Any CPA employed in Mississippi and holding original CPA certificate less than 3 years Any CPA employed in Mississippi who is not engaged in any public practice Non-resident CPA who resides and works outside of Mississippi
July $210 $170 $175 $120
August $194 $157 $161 $111
September $175 $142 $146 $100
October $158 $128 $132 $90
November $141 $114 $118 $81
December $124 $101 $104 $71
January $105 $85 $88 $60
February $89 $72 $74 $51
March $72 $58 $60 $41
April $53 $43 $44 $30
May $36 $29 $30 $21
June $19 $16 $16 $11

Retired Members

Annual dues for Retired Members are $50.

Associate Members

Annual dues for Associate Members are $105.

Student Members

Student Members pay no dues.

Life Members

An individual who has been a member of the Society for 40 or more consecutive years and who has reached full retirement age as defined by the Social Security Administration and is retired, earning no fee from public practice or industry. Life Members are exempt from paying dues, beginning with the subsequent year of the Society after having been granted life membership and retain full voting rights and may hold elected office. 

Contributions or gifts to the MSCPA are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Dues payments are deductible by members as an ordinary and necessary business expense. However, MSCPA has determined that 5% of your dues are attributable to lobbying activities and are non-deductible.