Taxation Committee and MDOR Hold Annual Liaison Meeting

January 1, 2019

Members of the MSCPA Taxation Committee and President/CEO Karen Moody met with representatives from the Mississippi Department of Revenue on January 23, 2019, in Clinton for our annual liaison meeting. This was an opportunity to hear updates and new programs from MDOR and to address questions, concerns and suggestions from CPAs.

Jan Craig, Associate Commissioner for Income and Property Taxes, updated the Committee on the official start of tax season, e-filing and personnel roles within MDOR. She introduced staff responsible for Taxpayer Assist. Meg Bartlett, Associate Commissioner for Business Taxes and ABC, discussed sales tax, changes and collection efforts. Commissioner Herb Frierson also spoke on challenges with budget cuts and impacts on staffing and employee retention.

Highlights from MDOR included:

  • Ongoing project to review and update all Rules and Regulations.
  • Opportunity to receive alerts on proposed changes and notifications of public hearings by emailing to be added to the Listserv. The public is invited but you must let MDOR know if you want to speak at a hearing or can submit notes in writing if you cannot attend.
  • New Offers in Compromise Program—all requests must go through MDOR evaluation and approval, as well as, the Governor’s office.
  • New business seminars to be held in various locations around the state.
  • Project with Secretary of State’s office to include annual report with business return filings for 2020.
  • Document to address Federal and MS differences relating to TCJA to be posted on MDOR website.
  • Refunds to begin February 11.
  • Follow MDOR on Facebook, Twitter and their app.

The Department was receptive to the Committee’s issues that included feedback on experience with auditors, e-filing challenges, PDF attachments to returns, and suggestions on new forms. Several specific e-filing issues were addressed with suggestions for resolution by working with software vendors. Taxation Committee Chairman Donna Bruce also had the opportunity to discuss cases submitted by members with Jan Craig in confidence prior to the open meeting.

The afternoon concluded with a tour of the processing and title departments and the call center.

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