MSCPA Specialty License Tag to Help Fund Scholarships

March 1, 2019

The Mississippi Legislature authorized the MSCPA to obtain a specialty tag during the 2016 Legislative Session. The MSCPA Education Foundation will receive $24 per tag which will help fund student scholarships upon recommendation by their institution and the MSCPA Awards, Education & Scholarships Committee. MSCPA is required to pre-sell 300 plates before the tag is produced. Each of the 300 people interested in purchasing the tag should complete an application. The required fee for the new plate must be collected by the MSCPA along with the application.

The Department of Revenue accepts specialty plate documents twice a year. If all documentation is received by May 15, the tag is manufactured in July. If the documentation is received by October 15, the tag is manufactured in January. Send in your application by May 1 so we can make 2019 production!

Download an Application 

Frequently Asked Questions

After I have pre-paid for a special tag and I trade vehicles, will I be able to put that tag on my new vehicle?
Yes. The county will allow you to transfer a specialty plate to another vehicle.

How soon after the license plates are available will I have before I must go to the county office and pick up the license plate?
The vehicle owner has up to 60 days to pick up his plate after the DOR has informed the organization that the license plates are available in the county office. If the vehicle owner waits beyond the 60 days, they are required to pay the special fees again.

When will the organization receive the proceeds from the sale of their specialty license plate?
Disbursements from the sale of license plates are made around the 15th of each month.

Will I be able to keep the specialty license tag if I decide I would like to have another specialty tag registered to my vehicle?
State law requires the vehicle owner who no longer desires to have the specialty plate registered to a vehicle to surrender the plate at the county tax collector’s office.

Can an individual have more than one specialty license plate?
Yes, unless there is a stipulation in the statute on the number of license plates to be issued per person.

Will the vehicle owner be required to turn in the license plate which is currently on their vehicle in order to pick up the new license plate?
Yes, the vehicle owner is required to bring in the old license plate in order to receive the new specialty plate.

What if a vehicle owner purchased one of the license plates while living in one county but has since moved to another county. How will they be able to register their license plate in their new county?
The vehicle owner should either go into the new county office and have the clerk call the other county office to forward the license plate, or, they may contact the DOR to have the county forward the tag to the correct county office.

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