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Saturday, August 17, 2024 @ 8:30am Saturday, August 24, 2024 4:30pm
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MSCPA, in conjunction with other state societies, is proud to offer a learning experience unlike any other with CPE at Sea. Up to 20 hours of CPE are available during this 7-day cruise aboard the Carnival Jubilee departing from Galveston, Texas. 

Popular presenter Marc Hamilton will be leading all CPE. Marc is an avid Carnival Diamond cruiser who have enjoyed more than 50 Carnival voyages and almost 365 days at sea! Marc will lead CPE focused on understanding the evolving technology that impacts CPAs including AI, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Cryptocurrency and much more. Many times, the difficult part of learning technology evolution is connecting the practical application and seeing concepts become tools. On our Learn Voyage, Marc will work with participants to experience these practical applications and utilize cutting edge tools.

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Session Topics

Cruise Industry Financial Strategy Post-Covid and Ship Tour Discussion
4 Hours Accounting & Economics
  Historical Financial Statement & Capital Structure Review
  Carnival Fleet and Key Strategic Operational Changes 
  Current Industry Perspective
  Economics of a Cruise Ship = Ship Tour

The Evolving CPA Toolkit - Big Data, Analytics and the Explosion of AI
4 Hours Information Technology
   What is Big Data?
   Practical Overview of Data Analytics Tools
   Convergence of Technology and Implications to CPA's 
   What is AI?
   "Who moved my Cheese" - Profession Changes to Embrace

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Prompt Engineering: Overview and Application
4 Hours Information Technology
   What is NLP and What makes it Tick?
   Review of Current Application of NLP
   ChatGPT Overview and Practical Introduction 
   Prompt Engineering: The Key to Success
   Using NLP for Code and Process Development
   Using AI Visualization

Brainstorming Exercise "Building a Better Mouse Trap" Case Study
4 Hours Information Technology
  Introduction and Fact Pattern
  Data Analytics Development
  Gathering and Cleaning
  Keeping it Simple 
  Script Development
  Data Transformation

Current Technology A&A Topics of Importance
2 Hours Accounting & Ethics
  Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
  Sam Bankman-Fried & FTX Fraud 
  AI - Ethical Considerations

A Futuristic Perspective of our Accounting Profession
1 Hour Information Technology
  Technology Change will only get faster!
  Evolving Demands on Services Offerings 
  Transformation of Trust
  CPA meets Data Scientist meets Strategist

Learnings: Reflection and Rediscussion
1 Hour Personal Development
  Sharpen the Saw: Around the Table Discussion - Reflection on Learnings 
  How can what I have learned help me tomorrow?
  Lifetime Learning: Make a Commitment
  Conclusion & SEAPA Certificate Awards

Cruise Information

Before you book a cabin, Learn Voyage must enroll you in the group reservationTo enroll or if you have any questions, contact Marc Hamilton at CPE@learnvoyage.com or 205-799-8285. 

From $689 per person (price is subject to change)

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CPE at Sea Session Schedule

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Category Amount
Accounting&Auditing 5.00
Ethics 1.00
General 13.00
Personal Development 1.00


Marc Hamilton

Marc Hamilton

Marc Hamilton is a strategy-oriented finance executive with proven successes in change management. Mr. Hamilton has over 30 years of extensive practical experience with data analytics, process design and technology implementation. His roles have provided broad exposure to functional, operational and management challenges facing organizations in the era of systems intelligence.

As a technologist CPA, Mr. Hamilton frequently speaks from his experiences on big data, data science, artificial intelligence and the developing Blockchain infrastructure. He also frequently presents AICPA cybersecurity content.

Mr. Hamilton holds a Masters in Tax Accounting from the University of Alabama and practiced with both Deloitte & KPMG before moving into a business and industry roles including VP of Taxation, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer.