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Livestream: 360 Degree Budgeting

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Friday, May 27, 2022 @ 8:30am 4:30pm
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Most accountants know the basics of the budget process, but is it possible to enhance the process to be more effective, efficient, and even fun? The traditional budgeting process can produce stale results and fatigue amongst both Accounting and cross departmental leadership. Organizations often fall into the trap of following the same steps of annual budgeting without weeding out the flaws that creep in. For large and small organizations looking to refresh the results, purpose, and engagement of their budgeting, several key tools will be discussed that are worth contemplating. Learn more about the process keys of successful budgets and how to balance the important technical and human components of the process. We discuss these keys in an engaging manner with thoughtfulness towards understanding our flaws and strengths, including how to build on these characteristics towards an enjoyable solutions-based method that should deliver effective results for your organization.

  • 360 Degree Budgeting: Understanding & Preventing Common Budget Calamities
  • 360 Degree Budgeting: Building Flexible Budget Models
  • Managing Budgeting's Soft Side: Avoiding People Issues
  • 360 Degree Budgeting: Presenting & Communicating Your Numbers


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Brian Maturi

Brian Maturi, MBA, CA has 45 years’ financial management experience in the UK and US, including five years with Deloitte Touche and 22 years with BorgWarner, Inc. where he was a divisional VP-Finance and Corporate Director of Risk Management. His favorite topics include ethics of risk management, management accounting and currency, commodity, and interest rate hedging. Brian holds a bachelor’s in Economics, an MBA and is an English Institute of Chartered Accountants fellow.