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Livestream: Cash Management: Managing the Lifeblood of the Business

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Friday, June 18, 2021 @ 8:30am 4:30pm
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• Learn to manage AR and AP more effectively
• Find better methods to manage cash.  
• Consider new cash forecasting techniques
• Make Meetings Fun & Productive

The 4 Topics Discussed

A/R and A/P: Effective Management Techniques
2 Accounting credits
Our responsibility to safeguard our organization’s assets has not changed in the 21st Century, but our tools have.  New tools now allow us to more efficiently and effectively manage and control all the aspects of accounts receivable and payables.  This session will help you save time on routine tasks.  We can use the time saved to become better business partners.  This session will discuss how we can leverage our accounts receivable and accounts payable skills to add value and help our organization succeed.
• Leverage technology to manage A/R and A/P
• Structure A/R to provide your organization a strategic advantage
• Ten ways to collect your money
• Make A/P a tool to enhance our Supply Chain’s potential
• Use benchmarking metrics to manage and track the effectiveness of AR and AP in cash management

Cash Management Techniques
2 Accounting credits
Cash is “King”, but it does not manage itself.  This session will explore short-term, mid-term, and long-term cash management techniques and attempt to answer these issues:
• How can we shorten the cash conversion cycle? 
• How can we use technology to improve receipts?
• How working with vendors and customers can help cash management efforts.
• How working capital loans depend on our collateral and overall debt capacity.
• How banks and other lenders fit into our long-term cash and capital needs.

Cash Forecasting, Reporting and Metrics
2 Accounting credits
Some organizations manage their cash in a reactive fashion, responding to cash requirements as they happen.  This helter-skelter approach can be inefficient, chaotic, and extremely dangerous.  Proper cash management requires planning and forecasting.  This session explores the methods and models to help you understand which ones would work best for your organization.  Additionally, this session will identify common cash metrics we should consider sharing with key stakeholders. 

Better Meetings: Make Meetings Fun & Productive
2 Business Management & Organization credits
Most meetings are a snooze-fest; they waste time and prevent you from getting work done. Why do some businesses have productive meetings and others do not? Do we really need to have a meeting? What are the alternatives?  This session discusses many proven tactics to make your meetings highly productive. The techniques can help you and your organization, whether you are in the C-suite or starting your career.  Learn how to lead meetings that are productive and fun. Your whole department could use this course!


Category Amount
Accounting&Auditing 6.00
General 2.00

Course Materials

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Don Minges

Don Minges is a fractional CFO who worked in diverse industries at various stages of development. He has experience in profitability enhancement, strategic planning, venture capital, mergers and acquisitions, consulting, turnarounds, economic forecasting, cost accounting and financial analysis. Minges has experience raising equity for several growing firms and also has invested equity capital into promising businesses. He has served on the board of directors of many firms. Minges graduated with highest honors from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke.