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In Person: Young CPA Conference

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Wednesday, April 29, 2020 @ 8:30am 4:30pm
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This Mississippi Young CPA Network event is for young and aspiring CPAs looking to build success skills to get ahead.


Category Amount
General 4.00
Personal Development 4.00


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

8:30am - 12:00pm

In today’s business world, having the ability to remember names and faces, beat absent-mindedness, and recall facts and figures puts you at the head of the pack. In this fun-filled session you’ll learn time-tested techniques for recalling names, speaking without notes, and gaining control of your day without the fear of forgetting. When you're skilled in memory all your other skills get better. This program shows how.

Credits: Personal Development 4
12:50pm - 2:30pm

During this fast-moving participatory session, you will learn how to present a professional image through your workplace email by practicing: How to steer clear of the Top 7 Credibility-Robbing Mistakes with Email,How to write a solid subject line that gets opened—and acted upon, The five emails you never should send, Guidelines for using more bulleted lists in email, A rapid-fire commentary on email etiquette, including: Tone appropriateness, The One-Screen Rule, High Fives on Fridays and, SCREAMING IN ALL CAPS!!!!!

Credits: General 2
2:40pm - 3:30pm

Your granny may get duped by a nice person calling on the landline or a personal care worker. But does your granny use her mobile devise to bank or shop? You probably grew up online and your tech-savvy lifestyle may be exposing you to fraud risks different from your granny. A 2019 study published by the FTC says that Millennials are 77% more likely than other age groups to say they lost money to a scam. Why is this and what are you doing to protect yourself from fraud? In this session we will discuss fraud risks and preventive techniques specific to Millennials.

Credits: General 1
3:35pm - 4:25pm

What is credit? What does my credit score mean, and how do I improve my score? In this session you will learn basic money management for financial professionals.

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William L. Crim

William L. Crim

Bill is a member of GranthamPoole PLLC in Ridgeland where he heads the Wholesale & Retail Division. He is a past president of the Central Chapter of the MSCPA as well as former board member and remains actively involved in the society. Bill enjoys sniffing out tax, accounting and retail trivia from across the country and educating his younger co-workers on these various issues.

Donna M. Ingram

Donna M. Ingram

Donna Ingram is President of Donna M. Ingram, CPA, PC in Vicksburg, MS. She previously was a partner at May & Company, LLP for 18 years and has practiced accounting for over 30 years. In addition to being a CPA, Donna is a Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified in Financial Forensics. Donna is a graduate of Michigan State University. She was a member of the Mississippi Society of CPAs peer review committee for over a decade, serving one term as Chair. She also served as chair of the MSCPA’s Accounting and Auditing Committee. Donna served on the AICPA’s peer review board from 2003 to 2005. Donna is involved in numerous civic and charitable organizations and has been a presenter of accounting, auditing and fraud related courses around the country. Donna and her husband Paul have two sons, one following in his mother’s footsteps as a CPA and the other an assistant PGA professional at Pasatiempo.

Paul Mellor

Paul Mellor

Paul Mellor, author of Finding the Keys, was a finalist in the USA Memory Championship, where he recalled the names of over 90 people in less than 15 minutes, remembered in exact order over 100 single-digit numbers after a five-minute study, and recalled the exact order of a shuffled deck of playing cards after less than a three-and-a-half minute review. His fun and energetic programs have been delivered to audiences nationwide. A Communications graduate of Western Carolina University, Mr. Mellor is also the author of You're Almost There, chronicling his journey as having run a marathon (26.2 miles) in all 50 states.

Mandi Stanley

Mandi Stanley

With more than 16 years of experience on the seminar circuit, Certified Speaking Professional Mandi Stanley works primarily with business leaders who want to boost their professional image and with people who want to be better speakers and writers. She has traveled throughout North America entertaining and educating more than 42,000 seminar participants, totaling more than 4,000 platform hours. Some of her repeat clients include: Campbell’s Soup Company The United States Air Force Kimberly-Clark’s World Headquarters Mississippi Hospital Association McDonald’s USA Godiva Chocolate and the National Football League (that’s right—the NFL!) In 2003, Mandi was designated a CSP, Certified Speaking Professional. Fewer than 9 percent of all worldwide speakers have earned this designation, and Mandi is the first Mississippian in history to receive this honor through the National Speakers Association. She’s a summa cum laude graduate with concentrations in English, communication, and management, and served as a faculty member of the American Management Association for five years. Mandi is the author of The No-Panic Plan for Presenters, which was named a Finalist in the Career category at the Independent Book Publishers Awards in New York. Audiences appreciate her platform enthusiasm, interactive style, and content-rich messages. Fun Facts Her career in public speaking began on a stage in front of 700 college freshmen. Talk about a tough audience! Today Mandi Stanley has moved from the campus podium to the corporate classroom, traveling throughout North America inspiring business leaders to overcome organizational obstacles and deliver powerful written and oral presentations. She started as a classified ad proofreader for a small newspaper in the South. A move to Dallas, Texas, led to a full-time position as a technical proposal writer for a healthcare firm. She soon parlayed that experience into the opportunity to train others to be better persuasive communicators. Mandi is Mississippi’s first Certified Speaking Professional, earning the designation in 2003. She received the Highest Market Share Award from the American Management Association in 1998. Mandi was awarded two Quality Awards for Customer Satisfaction from the American Management Association in 1998. She wrote and developed the methodology, workbooks, leaders’ guide, and visual aids for the AMA/Padgett Thompson one-day seminar How To Be A Better Proofreader. She graduated summa cum laude with concentrations in English, communication, and management.